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Michel Petrucciani - C-Jam Blues
Abbey Lincoln - Should’ve been
Chris Botti - Caruso
Dianne Reeves - Speak low
European Jazz Trio - Pearlfisher
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Tirana Jazz Radio
  About Us
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Dear Listener!

Tirana is neither a big city nor a small town. It is the capital of Albania, located in the Balcans Peninsula south-east of Europe. (Check location on the map).

Tirana had very little if no connection at all with the jazz music – until after 1990s - when the sounds of this beautiful music reached out this small corner of Europe. The jazz fans in our country are not too numerous but we believe in jazz as a sublime form of music and we are contributing that more and more people listen to it and eventually will fall in love.

At the beginning, when we had the sparkle about creating a digital internet radio named after Tirana (because an online radio is less costly than a conventional one) we were really thrilled by the idea, but right there and then we realized that there are hundreds or thousands of similar radios in the whole world. Why people would listen to us?! We had no argument but passion.

We are a team of three. We worked endless days for about more than 7 months until we felt we were ready. None of us know if this project will be successful. Amongst hundreds and thousands of musical parts and songs we selected 12,000 to start broadcasting. The information was grouped in rubrics in a way that even those with very little information about jazz music would easily find the way around our online home and find all information briefly and accurately. We have only Wikipedia to thank as the biggest online information store.

Music that we are playing was handpicked out of – what we consider - the best and most attractive work of each author that we have included into our music database and will represent all jazz music styles from the very origins.

Dear Listener!

We are aware that our work has only just started. We will not be able to understand what we did wrong or right – and we will rely on your opinion which is more than welcome.

We rely on your willingness to spread the word and let all you friends know that a new online radio has started broadcasting. They might not like it in the beginning – but not because of the music. If we are not able to bring it to you as pleasantly to your ears as it truly is, we are the only ones to blame. We are very passionate about this simply amazing music and we are ready to improve ourselves. 

Thank you

Tirana Jazz Radio Team